The Soundtrack

One element I have been most proud of is the soundtrack to the movie.  I was inspired by a song I wrote with my great friend Ryan Fitzsimmons. I took the framework we had created and ran with it.

It also holds special meaning for me.  Ryan had just left NYC to move to LA, so this gave me a great way to honor that friendship.  Best of all, it fit the movie perfectly – even the title I Really Like Your Style – was a serendipitous element, especially once you know the message behind the movie.  Because I knew that Ryan would be listening to the final audio with extra insight, I had to ensure that the final composition would meet the high standard he deserved. That kept me on my toes and made sure I asked myself tough questions along the way.

…Plus, I was able to work in a few tiny musical jokes that only he will get.  I hope that those “inside jokes” give it an extra spark of life that others will feel, even without knowing the reference.

I am making my final pass to adjust the movie’s sound effects and I plan to release the completed film in Jan 2016.  The abstract images in this video relate to the final movie.

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