3 thoughts on “Watch the movie!
  1. Jeff, this is great!! It ended up becoming a lot more emotionally powerful and engaging with every aspect in the mix here (as I know animation stuff is a labor of love and is inevitably reviewed incomplete …until it isn’t, finally!). And now, all the elements are here, working in concert and provoking the viewer, and ably getting across this important message–all in a fresh and intoxicating shape-filled landscape…with a cute kid thrown in for good measure! You aced it! Little Nel is so sweet here and I’m glad this worked out well enough! So glad to play a role!! ~ Big Brother Nel

  2. Very creative! I teach 6th graders and every year on the first day of school, I talk to them about “baggage”. We all have it. It opens up great discussion about bullying and respecting each other. This would be a great piece to include.
    Thanks Jeff.
    By the way, I still have my Jeff Starr Fan club For Boys and Mothers membership card!

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